Adega's wine selection is a carefully-curated collection of classic styles and new interpretations, all within an accessible price range. Our philosophy is to choose wines that are:

  • Well-crafted: We choose wines at lower pricepoints based on value and varietal correctness, while our more moderately priced wines show more unique terroir and craftsmanship.
  • Progressive: We make a point of choosing biodynamic, sustainable, and organic wines whenever possible.
  • Unique: Without passing judgement on high-volume wines, we do our best to maintain a selection which features winemakers that are not normally stocked in your local liquor shop.
  • Comprehensive: You want a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc? Of course we'll be able to help. You'd rather try a single-varietal Sauvignon gris? We have that, too. (Rather try them both in a classic Saint-Bris? Got it.)*
  • Good value: Our wine selection, while featuring everyday and premier wines, seeks in all price ranges to find wines that outperform their pricetag. Over the years, we've featured numerous wines that, for us, were great finds of undiscovered value, but have since gone on to loftier heights (and even loftier price tags). We try to continue this trend of finding hidden gems in our daily search for new wine.

Not sure what the difference is between a Blanc, Gris, or Bris? That's where we shine! Knowledgeable staff are always available to help you with your wine selection, or to answer any questions you have about our wines or wine in general. We, like you, are constantly learning new things, and are happy to offer assistance without any pretension. We will be happy to teach you about the various subappelations in Bordeaux, and will be just as happy to guide you towards that value-priced cabernet that is perfect for your dinner (and your wallet). Whether your a wine novice on a budget, or a connoisseur in search of a new adventure, every customer receives the same amount of attention -- and respect -- from our staff.

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