Adega Wine Cellars & Cafe has a casual atmosphere serving gourmet food, wine, and beer. We make great food fast, but we’re not fast food! Just step up to the hosts, pick your food, and await its announcement. Listen for your number to be called out when its ready! Wine or beer, pick your drink. Don't like what we have behind the bar? Take a stroll through our wine shop to find something more suitable to your taste and we'll uncork it for you and serve it to you free of charge.


Adega Wine Cellars & Cafe opened in August, 2003 by Walter Rhee, who wanted a neighborhood establishment where he could meld his love of gourmet cooking and passion for fine wine. Over the years, Adega has transformed from a quiet cafe to a bustling neighborhood gathering place, all the while maintaining its unique concept, character, and style. We are proud to have been one of the pioneers of the revitalization of Downtown Silver Spring, and look forward to continuing to be an integral part of this vital community, and a leading voice for independent, locally-owned business.

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